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Quality Concrete Pumping only we can provide

At Advance Concrete Pumping, we have a range of equipment to assist in the delivery of your construction project.

Our large variety of concrete pumping lines and booms measure from 24 to 50 metres, and we’re yet to find a worksite we can’t easily and efficiently reach!

A large network of suppliers and partners means we can also find and supply any specialist equipment your project site might require.

Most importantly, we’re proud of our highly-skilled, passionate and engaged team, who undertake regular health, safety and professional development training to ensure they’re at the top of the industry.

Why should you work with Advance Concrete Pumping?

We’re a family-owned and operated business that supports Aussie businesses and construction projects across Melbourne and Victoria.

We believe it’s vital to open the lines of communication from the minute your project starts so your project can run as smoothly as possible.

By understanding your budget, site and time requirements, we can recommend and supply the equipment, materials and personnel appropriate to your project.

By always ensuring our people and equipment are highly trained and maintained, we provide a safe, inclusive and efficient work team to your project site.

Team performing work

Work with a Concreting Team you can trust

Service and Equipment quality is paramount

We believe that unmatched customer service and reliable concrete pumping equipment is essential to completing your project to the highest standards. This is why our team always communicates with you from the start of the project to the final day. We offer the best course of action if problems arise, making sure you have a voice in all decisions.

Our concrete line pumps and concrete boom pumps are second to none across Melbourne. We regularly service our equipment to ensure ultimate performance when you need it most.

Concrete pouring
Concrete pumping truck

Our Health, Safety and Testing Policy

Every piece of concrete pumping equipment is inspected and tested so we can ensure optimal safety and security whilst on your job site. Regular NDT (non-destructive testing) is carried out on each of our machines and an engineer’s report is produced annually in accordance with Victorian and Australian standards.

The health and safety of our skilled team, as well as that of your site personnel, is paramount when working on your project site.

We’re the Factory Pour Specialists

Do you need concrete poured inside or outside a factory or industrial site? Our great range of line and boom equipment means we’re perfectly set up for factory pours with minimal fuss, hassle and mess.

Our team are also highly skilled in high volume concrete placement where booms don’t always reach, using a selection of extended lines and equipment for residential, commercial, industrial and civil construction projects.

Large scale project in Brighton

Contact Advance Concrete Pumping for all your Concreting needs!

If you’re looking to complete concrete site preparation, driveway construction or any civil works, look no further than Advance Concrete Pumping. We’ve completed a wide variety of concreting projects in Melbourne and across Victoria, so if you’ve been looking for an affordable and high-quality team, give us a call or fill out our online form.


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